The IT Industry has developed and continues to improve on products and strategies that can be used to form an impenetrable defensive perimeter around enterprise data storage systems. These defensive strategies are even extended to secure valuable data on laptop computer, tablets and even smart phones. However robust and secure these perimeter defenses maybe,

the same level of robust protection

needs to be extended to the transmission and communications

of data and information.

Business data and information offer little value to an organization while simply residing in a highly secured data center. The value of an Organization’s data comes when it is exploited to advance the Organization’s business purposes.

Data exploitation requires access,

Access requires data transmission and communication over both public and private networks,

Transmission paths are inviting targets for cyber terrorists seeking access to our data systems

Through a combination of innovative design and proprietary engineering, the encryption capability once only available in a separate unit with its own chassis, power supply and circuitry is now available in a device the size of a USB thumb drive without any compromise in data protection robustness. CYBER SHIELD can provide uncompromising data transmission protection for all applications - in the office, at a remote location, while on travel, and even working from home - conveniently and with extreme ease of operation.

Derived from military/government-style encryption, CYBER SHIELD provides protection against a disruptive hacker’s entire tool kit including masquerading, spoofing, replay, man-in-the-middle, and data sniffing. CYBER SHIELD also protects against data compromise and the injection of malware. Now, the exploitation of an organization’s data is fully protected from:

  • industrial espionage
  • theft of trade secrets
  • compromise of financial, legal and strategic business information
  • loss of personal information and the associated business disruptions that inevitably result from a breach

The range of applications for CYBER SHIELD are endless:

  • E-mail
  • VTC
  • VOIP
  • all proprietary data access & management applications
  • SCADA control networks
  • civilian security needs.
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