AFCEA INTERNATIONAL has assigned an Award for our CYBER SHIELD encrypter.

The award was presented by the President of Afcea International Gen. Robert (Bob) Shea - former C4 US ARMY - to Michele Cortese, CEO of AKRON C4SEC, who represented the company for the innovative personal & mobile CYBER SHIELD encrypter.

Cyber Shield is an encrypter that responds to a personal need, no longer deferrable, to independently protect voice, video and data communications in the network, both private and public as internet, with a really high security, also at military level: it is resistant to attacks with quantum computers, with key agreement and double encryption keys for up and down streams, keys variable for each session and each user, strong authentication, FPGA hardware technology for the parallel computing. All this is performed without changing the software applications used.

CYBER SHIELD rests in one hand, is the first personal mobilc encrypter in the world, has a low cost and is a candidate to revolutionize the protection of communication on the networks in both the civil and military world.


AKRON C4SEC took part in the Defense Industry Fair 2018 from the 19th to the 21st of June in Seoul, attracting great interest among the visitors.


CYBER SHIELD is Your Answer !

And the train of cyber-disrupted victims continues. The US Government has just announced additional disruptive cyber events at the hands the cyber terrorists and hostel state actors. It has never been more critical for any organization, no matter what its business may be, to take strong, positive, and pro-active actions to protect itself and the invaluable data on which it operates from these very real cyber threats. Cyber Shield, a unique, state-of-the-art security technology, can be deployed today throughout any organization. Cyber Shield will completely secure the transmission paths used to access/communicate an organization’s most precious business resource - its data and information.